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As we trade in hot tubs – we will do our best to post spas here. However, you should note, pre-owned spas typically sell within one month and typically within days of receipt. For the best chance at getting a great deal, sign up for our newletter HERE


SOLD – SORRY – WE ARE CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK ON NEW SPAS BUT Why not buy new? You can purchase a brand new HIGH QUALITY COAST SPA from as low as $3500!


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Four Winds Mira Caribbean 6 Person Hot Tub 240volt – $13,500 New List Price

See pictures at this link: HERE
We traded in this Monster Mira Fourwinds 8 foot by 8 foot HOT TUB Purchased new from Leisure Depot in N.Charleston and are in the process of conducting our complete and thorough test and refurb

This unit Was purchased new December 21, 2010.

We have been providing service and repair since they purchased this spa new and we know this tub was owned by great people.

Accordingly, we gave them TOP dollar for this trade. Here is your chance to get a pre-owned spa that was properly maintained and is only 5 years old!

See more pictures at the link below: (this is before we cleaned it)

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We are not fans of four winds spas – especially the Mira Line in their From Factory State – But now that we have replaced most of the components – we feel they should give the next owner a full decade of service. What exactly did we change?

We changed the light controller, the power supply, the stereo power supply, the stereo head unit, BOTH pumps, the controller and heater, it is a much better spa than any NEW; COSTCO, Dr.Wellness, Viking or NEW Hot Tub you find on craigslist. Goto the bottom to read one of techs opinion on these other spa manufacturers…

This Mira spa sold for around $11,000 new and after our full and thorough buffing, cleaning and refurbishing – looks new again!

2016-06-30 13.56.51

The link here is for the Caribbean 2, which is the current version, but the Caribbean 1 is the version for sale. (very minor differences) Here is the spa details for you research techies…..FourWinds Caribbean – 54 Jets + Waterfall + Water line LED lighting

We have conducted a thorough inspection of the spa: HERE ARE THE RESULTS

COVER – getting heavier but is still an operable cover  (Service life is reduced because it is getting heavier but it still looks great on the outside and you could probably get away with just changing the foam on the inside if you need to save money OR make due with a heavy cover for 2 or 3 years)

PUMP – (REPLACED) We replaced BOTH pumps with a good quality used pump newer and better than what came on this spa. (Obviously, the better part is an opinion 🙂

CABINET- Synthetic cabinet – has a wood veneer over an insulating substrate. Looks like real wood but has the life of a synthetic as long as it is Cleaned with UV preservative every 1-2 years. Looks GREAT- 80% or MORE life remaining. There is a crack or two in the back from moving it but nothing major and you cant tell unless you know where it is and get within a few inches of it.

CONTROLS (KEYPAD/COMPUTER) – Good Condition, all tests passed – balboa control system with 75% or more of life remaining – balboa make many levels of quality and this is on the lower Middle range but should last for 4-5 years without issue.

HEATER – REPLACED – from my experience, a standard fourwinds heater has a life of about 5-6 years. this OLD heater had about 25% of its life remaining – so we replaced it! Because that is how we roll…. haha

BASE/STRUCTURE- EXCELLENT Condition – Pressure Treated structure and synthetic base are free of rot and appear to have 90% or more of life remaining. (What do you expect? The homeowner had us maintaining this spa since new)

HANDLES – all refurbished2 pricing point options are being offered:

=============OPTION ONE – $2500
Spa as-is and where is. You pick it up from our facility in Mount pleasant (we will help load it on your trailer or in your truck). Once you have the spa full and connected, we will come out for a courtesy check and review spa with you. At this price level or lower (if an offer is accepted) You get the Spa (cleaned and operating) with the existing cover. We replaced the pump with a good quality pump. You should get many years out of it. We also replaced the heater with a new 5.5kw dual voltage heater element. Delivery or Warranty are not included at this price. HOWEVER, like any purchase you make from MySpaGuy – you get free lifetime tech support included, as well as reduced prices and rates for life!

=============OPTION 2 – $4000

NEW HEATER just installed (normally $350)Much better heater than what comes in new Fourwinds spas and should provide 10 years or more of hot water.

PUMP/MOTOR REPLACED – Slightly used display SMART pump (220V) (normally $500) Much better pump than what comes in NEW Fourwinds spas (opinion) and should provide 10 years or more of service.

DELUXE Local Delivery, spa orientation, over view and operations class ($300 upgrade)

3 month full warranty ($200 value)

6 month equipment “powertrain” warranty ($400 value)

Chemical Starter Kit ($50 value)

Spa clean on delivery, filled and running before we leave * (if wiring in place) ($150 value)

ADD A NEW DELUXE PREMIUM LOCKING INSULATED ALTIMA COVER ($400 value) to any package above ($350 now or in future, but delivery is extra)

There are a few LED lights not working out of the 2 dozen – Add $250 if you want us to fix the lights)
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We get 2-10 pre-owned spas every month as trade in on new spas. some times there are dry spells and sometimes we have seen 7 in a week.

Sign up at the link below and we will send you an instant email every time one comes available. if you take delivery of it when we pick it up from the customers house that traded it in – we will offer it for what we gave them as trade value. some times less if we need to move it quick due to lack of space.

MySpaGuy is a BBB Accredited business that has serviced the Charleston Area for nearly a decade.

we look forward to helping people enjoy spas on a budget! $1500 is the average selling price of a trade in that has been cleaned, water tested and Checked. This includes a full analysis and writeup.

Additional fees apply when we refurbish or repair spas. We limit the spas we resell so that we are only selling the best we can find. Typically we know the history of the spas we sell. Call if you have questions show contact info
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I recently asked a tech what he thought of these companies and here is what he said:
“You ever wonder why manufacturers sell their spas on craigslist? I wondered too until i began working on them. Any self respecting dealer that really has pride in their product and has experience working on them and devotes their life to selling high quality product to the end user in their community, will refuse to become a dealer and sell them. Many people seem to think that is silly – but in reality, most local dealers live in the community they sell in and have respect for their clientele. (at least the small guys like us). The see what happens to spas when the fiberglass blanket and thread is poorly adhered to the acrylic. They see the bubbles and cracks that appear 3 to 5 years down the road. they see the equipment fail in 3-5 years and realize the product is inferior to the larger name brands – not because they sell for less, but because these small manufacturers will change their name and change ownership whenever their cost to warranty their product exceeds an acceptable margin. Then they go on selling them and bragging about when they started and update their info on their BBB listing and keep on trucking. Since the BBB doesnt keep a history, if a person files a complaint, it has to match the name registered when filed or it is filed separately. Crazy i know but i have heard it happening. We have seen it with one company in Florida that brags about their reputation and their pools. I can personally tell you about several new delivery spas, that i was hired to repair. The customer told me their service horror story and how not until they threatened to file a charge back, did the manufacturer even agree to hire an independent service tech to come out and complete the repair. When we hear these stories and see the quality of workmanship, we feel stuck. we dont want to leave any person stuck with an inoperable spa but we also need to get paid. We are currently owed money by two companies that sold their spa on craigslist to people that THOUGHT they did their due diligence. What kind of manufacturer sends out independant techs they found online to repair their product then dont pay? hhhmmmm…. I could say a few things here too.

People, you must file a complaint online so other people dont get screwed too! Reps for real manufacturers laugh and make jokes about them. Not because they are the little guy. No – because they use short cuts that only bite them in the butt more than one or two years later, when their manufacturing liability releases. OK – i will get off my soap box…..” DM
These are views of one tech and not views of the company… that is for those companies that send their lawyers after us for the tech’s statements…