Yelp Review Jd Cotten 7/20/2016

David is incredible! We purchased a spa from him and he really went out of his way to make sure we were happy. I have never owned a spa and had a little trouble figuring out the chemicals but he and Jenny were very patient and helped us learn the tricks. We purchased a cover lifter accessory from them after the sale and my husband installed it incorrectly and it broke. David came out to our house and installed a new lift (correclty) and refused to accept any money for it! I can not say enough great things about him and his company. The hot tub we purchased is amazing. Our neighbor has a hot tub he purchased in North Charleston and tells us how his spa always overheats and the dealer will not come out to help him unless he pays. Just the opposite with David. He has never charged us for his visits and not counting the Lift, has come out two times in the past few months just to answer our questions. He answered my text messages on Sunday! He showed us how to program our spa so it stays around 80 degrees and we are currently using it as a pool! My Neighbor was miffed. His spa was stuck at 110 degrees even though he had it set for 80, even after he paid them $90 to come out and re-program it. David told us our coast spa is able to vent the heat from the cabinet automatically, which is why it does not overheat like my neighbor. We love our Coast spa and Carolina spa company. Thank you David, Jenny and Dave and thanks for your military service to our country! And thanks for all the help!

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